Chhogalal Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Chhogalal Construction Pvt. Ltd. (CCPL) is a group of pro-active and dedicated professionals who have traversed a long way with their penchant for creativity and innovation. Our planners, designers, engineers and technocrats constantly engage in research to keep themselves abreast with the modern infrastructural advances.

CCPL plans, designs, directs the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, pipelines, subdivisions, airports, waste water systems, and many other infrastructure facilities.

CCPL also provides services like construction, land development, structural or hydraulic design, soil mechanics, waste water treatment, and solid waste management.

CCPL works with specialists on general problems such as soil or ground water contamination or energy development and conservation.
CCPL designs the main features of a project, direct and monitor the work of drawing plans, writing specifications and preparing final cost estimates.
CCPL prepares deeds, property descriptions and right-of-way maps. In the field CCPL usually completes surveying, site investigation, construction inspection or supervision.
CCPL has been doing soil, construction material testing in the laboratory or in the field. In structural work, they work on detailed calculations to be certain that design features meet all structural requirements. In transportation, they design streets and highways and plan alterations to improve traffic flow. They do survey work, draw preliminary plans, or inspect and test materials to be used in construction. They also prepare reports on environmental impact. They further specialize in a particular part of the work such as improving traffic signs, planning and designing impact devices, or studying pedestrian traffic.

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  • Civil Constructions
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  • Interior Solutions
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  • Surveying and Estimation

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